Professional Support

Scenario 1

Dr B.A. qualified in a medical school in Nigeria and came to the UK to pursue postgraduate training. He studied for and passed the PLAB test with support of some key members. Thereafter he was thrown into the training job market. With no UK experience, he was having major difficulties with securing a post. Through our Education and Mentoring scheme, MANSAG was able to arrange for a clinical attachment for him in a UK hospital. The 3 months spent in that attachment provided BA the exposure to UK medical practice which he required. He performed well at a subsequent  job interview that enabled him undertake a period of training in a UK hospital. He has since completed his training and returned to Nigeria.

Scenario 2

Dr V.B. had come to the UK after qualifying from a medical school in Nigeria. He had hoped to pursue postgraduate specialist training in the UK. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful at the PLAB examinations after several attempts. When he had exhausted the number of attempts at PLAB allowed by the GMC, he believed that the GMC had set out on a personal vendetta against him. He consulted MANSAG, and after several committee meetings in which his evidence was thoroughly examined he was advised to re-think “legal action” against the GMC and to follow alternative and more reasonable due process. The case has now been resolved amicably

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