Dear Colleagues,

The UK government announced a change to their policy and guidance relating to the ongoing global outbreak of COVID-19. I am writing to let you know that MANSAG as an organization shares your anxiety. We are ready to support you, the members, both professionally and your general wellbeing.


We recognize the pressures that our members are facing as key workers, in the healthcare sector who are at the front door due to this pandemic. I also know that Nigerians are very stoic in the pursuance of their professional responsibilities. As we approach the peak of the Covid-19 infection in the UK, the expectation is that primary, secondary and tertiary care and public health services across all four nations will be put under extreme pressure.

This experience is shared worldwide in both low resource and high resource nations. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel remarked that the current challenges posed by Coronavirus outbreak demands a unified worldwide robust response similar to the experience post Second World War. It is likely that you will experience greater workplace pressures, exacerbated by sickness leading to staff shortages, rota gaps, increased caring responsibilities and longer working hours.

There will be an increased need for us all to be flexible, supportive and adaptive under such pressures to ensure the highest standards of care for all our patients. We may be asked to work in unfamiliar circumstances and settings, and we may find ourselves working outside our comfort zone.

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