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MANSAG Ukraine Crisis support 2022

MANSAG is the process of organizing special assistance due to ongoing Ukraine crisis. There are many Nigerian medical students and doctors in Ukraine. We will be taking some measures to assist as an Association.

  1. Fundraising to be set up to support the Nigerian students & doctors fleeing to Poland, Romania etc
  2. We will be liaising with the Nigerian High Commissioner London, Nigerian High Commissioner Poland and Diaspora desk to see how best to offer support.
  3. If the situation persists, MANSAG will be in discussion with GMC on how best to support the affected Nigerian students and doctors.
    Please if you have contact details of any Nigerian medical student or doctor in Ukraine send to so we can reach out. We are counting on your cooperation for a fruitful support mission. Our thoughts and prayers are with all inhabitants of Ukraine. MANSAG proudly Nigerians. Regards. Chris Agbo President MANSAG