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Letter to the Health and Social Secretary

Dear Rt Hon Patel

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP
The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care House of Commons
Dear Sir,

We are writing this letter on behalf of the members of the Medical Association of NigerianS Across Great Britain (MANSAG). MANSAG is a UK-registered Charity, established in 1997 exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. It is the only body representing over 5000 Nigerian Medical Practitioners and Allied Healthcare Professionals in the British Isles, with the main aims of benefitting the public in general and in particular but not exclusively, Nigerian people living in the British Isles.
Our members and their families are committed just like other NHS staff to providing the best quality healthcare to the people of Great Britain, especially during the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic.
We would like to commiserate with the government on the loss of thousands of the British people and our hearts got out to their families who are grieving at this moment. Sadly, some of our members have died while in service, working in the fight against COVID-19, including Dr Alfa Saadu who worked in the NHS for 40 years providing clinical and leadership services to the British people.
The purpose of this letter is to appeal to your office for an independent enquiry to examine the circumstances of the death in service of all healthcare workers, especially while in the frontline fight against COVID-19 during this pandemic.

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