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Letter to members on Corona virus 13th April 2020

Dear members,
The Executive team of Medical Association of NigerianS Across Great Britain (MANSAG) would like to applaud you all for all the work you are doing in the NHS; you are saving lives, whether you are working in the frontline or working at a distance as doctors, dentists, nurses, radiographers and other allied health care professionals. Sadly, two Nigerian doctors (Dr Alfa Saadu and Dr Edmond Adedeji) and Ms Carol Jamabo (Care worker) have given the ultimate sacrifice, and there may be other healthcare professionals unknown to us and have paid with their own lives. We pay tribute to them and pray they rest in perfect peace. We also pray for their families left behind. We have written a fitting tribute to Dr Alfa Saadu, who was a committed member of MANSAG.
We understand that the pulse of the world beats as one to overcome SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic and its devastating impact in our four nations and around the globe. It also elicits all sorts of emotions from us as healthcare workers. We want to care for our patients. That’s our vocation, but it is also essential we acknowledge the concern and anxiety we may feel for our well-being and that of our families.

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