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Join Letter to GMC (Dr Udoye’ s Case), GMC 6094869

We need to bring your attention to the case of Dr Udoye who has a further misconduct hearing scheduled for 27th February 2023. This will be the 4th hearing since mid-2019 and Dr Udoye’s ordeal started with a GMC referral in March 2018.

We have significant concerns about this case and must highlight to you the devastating impact the whole process has had on Dr Udoye. This cannot be overestimated. We all know of the dreadful and distressing data about doctors subject to tribunals and the levels of significant harm seen including suicide. The recent independent learning review into the Arora case made some recommendations: The GMC should consider whether the level of support they offer to doctors in a fitness to practice process is sufficient. They should also encourage medical defence organisations to improve the support they provide to doctors going through a fitness to practice process and extending to a period beyond the tribunal hearing; and responsible officers to ensure local pastoral support.